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What is VNV Foundation?

Vincent and Vincent foundation is a Non governmental organization (NGO) established from the dream and passion of helping humanity through targeted programs that seek to help improve the lives of people.

Where is VNV Foundation located?

VNV Foundation located in the continent of Africa operating fully in three (3) Countries; Nigeria, Kenya, Guinea

How can I support the foundation financially?

You can support us financially by clicking on any of the donate buttons and give us a tax deductible amount to help push our causes and campaigns

Who is the owner of VNV Foundation

VNV foundation was founded by Mr. Ofoke don-vincent kelechi who is the chief Executive Officer of the foundation.

How can I volunteer for the foundation

On the home page of the foundation website, there is a form for you to input your email and volunteer, you will be contacted by us to update you on the opportunities

How can I send money to the foundation?

You can send money from anywhere in the world using our Paystack integration